Anno Domini//the second coming of Art & Design

Limited Pressing Silk Screened T-Shirts by G.AD Artists - $20.00 (+ shipping)

Designed specifically for the artist's exhibit by the artist. In editions of 250 or less.
Our tees are silkscreened on quality pre-shrunk tees and are available in sizes SM - XXL while quantities last!
Truely a collectors item for yourself or as a gift!

BarronTeeFront.jpg BarronTBack.jpg

Barron Storey > 10.05.01 A.D.
tee color: white  Baby dolls available


Barron T-Shirt Back

KGBE t-shirt.jpg

ROTGUT: FOSIK & KGBE > 09.07.01 A.D.
tee color: various  Baby dolls available


Guapo y Fuerte > 06.01.01 A.D.
image color: metallic gold/ cardinal red
tee color: bright orange, heather grey or navy blue.
Baby dolls available.


SPAZZ > 04.06.01 A.D.
tee color: black (Baby Dolls available)


02.02.01 A.D.Limited Edition CD recording
Live performances from the opening of the SOUNDSCAPES exhibition at Gallery AD. 
Recording includes performances by:
Tracy Rivers Robotic Banjo
Matt Volla  Knot compositions
Fight the good fight remix by Maya Hayuk
Cat Five Live w/special guests
Tracy Rivers on samplebox
Hannah on flute and FX
CD's are burned in a limited edition and signed and numbered by the curator,
Ezra Li, with custom covers and jewel cases.
The price is $20 each, and they will not be reprinted.


Gary Taxali > 12.07.00 A.D.
tee color: black


Ezra Li Eismont > 10.05.00 A.D.
tee color: natural


Shepard Fairey > 08.03.00 A.D.
tee color: navy blue



Christopher A. Ruess > 07.06.01 A.D.
tee color: sand.  Baby dolls available in white.



Jessie Vala > 05.04.01 A.D.
tee color: light blue (detail) Baby Dolls available


DALEK > 03.02.01 A.D.
tee color: dark blue


Art Of Zines > 01.04.01 A.D.
tee color: navy blue


David Carson > 11.02.00 A.D.
tee color: steel grey


EMEK > 09.07.00 A.D.
tee color: white


Carson Ellis > 07.06.00 A.D.
tee color: stone washed blue


To confirm available sizes, call or email us!

Two Fish Design Group
150 South Montgomery / Unit B, San Jose, CA  95110


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