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Anno Domini//the second coming of Art & Design


If you missed the artist reception with Shepard Fairey,
you can still obtain his
limited pressing shirts he designed for Anno Domini.

GIANT has a posse in San Jose.


photo David Huang

The r[e]volution will not be televised...Like anything else that takes shape in this Universe it will rise from the most unexpectred place at the most necessary time. Anno Domini is taking GIANT steps towards the r[E]volution of our city. Shepard Fairey made a rare Silicon Valley appearance on 08.03.00 A.D. His unique artistic vision has created a phenomenon that is felt around the world.

Keeping the vibe real...
courtesy of DJ Josh and the San Jose SLAM Team.

08.03.00 A.D. 8pm 'til late at The Warehouse Studio of Two Fish Design Group
150 South Montgomery / Unit B, San Jose, CA  95110
(west end of Navlet's Florist >between San Fernando and Park)
To view by appointment: 408.271.5151

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