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Gary Taxali
Artist Reception 
First Thursday December
12.07.00 A.D. [8 'til late]

featuring the Finger Bangerz!

"I love Gary's fantasy landscapes of whirlygigs and elfin children - like Santa's workshop on acid!"

David Jaenisch, Art Director TV Guide

"In my perfect world all children's toys would bear the likeness of Gary's characters."

Mark Shaw, Art Director Blaze Magazine


Gary is currently working on personal projects including two children's books.

Gary will be at La Luz De Jesus Gallery in March, "Uncommercial Art by Commercial Artists" and an April show at CPOP Gallery in Detroit

Next A.D.-The First Annual Art of Zines 01.04.01A.D.


"My new works "Sweet Shop Toys, Candies and Books" is inspired, for the most part, by Japanese toy, candy and book packaging.  Some of the works include Arabic and Hindi, also languages of nations of lovers of toys, candy and book packaging.  Then again, who isn't?  I can't make sense of most of this, many of the typographic characters are made up.  I have constructed a show of style and no substance, there is no hidden symbolism and underlying meaning.  Like all good packaging, it serves to glorify the product in its best possible light.  Well, the attempt is there at any rate.  A uniform theme, however, is that of my version of "their' version of inspired North American culture in the products.  And peanuts are a theme, there are an inordinate number of peanuts scattered in various pictures.  This also serves no purpose or meaning.  I suggest renting "Kure Kure Takora" ("Gimme Gimme Octopus"), a bizarre Japanese 60s television children's show.  The version I have has no subtitles or dubbing, and it certainly doesn't need it.   From what I gather, the show involves an octopus and peanut both in love with a walrus.  This program served as a major influence for the works in this show, all answers can be found there.  And I ask anybody who does figure it out to keep me in the dark, I'm perfectly content extracting my own meaning.  I ask the same of you when you view my show."

Gary Taxali-December 2000

Gary Taxali graduated from The Ontario College of Art in 1991.  In that time his illustrations have appeared in major magazines, greeting cards, a billboard for Levi's Jeans, CD covers, an animated commercial for Coca-Cola as well as numerous projects for design firms, ad agencies and web sites.

Some of his clients have included Sony, Newsweek,
The Los Angeles Times Magazine, American Express, Business Week, TV Guide, The New York Rangers, Saturday Night Magazine, VH1, Sesame Street, U.S. News and World Report, Toronto Life, Snickers, McGraw-Hill, Visa, The Toronto Dominion Bank, Price Waterhouse, Penthouse Magazine, Pitney Bowes, Scholastic, Yahoo!  Internet Life, MTV, Red Herring Magazine, Fidelity Investments, Fortune Magazine, Inc. Magazine, The Financial Times of Canada, EMI, Bell Canada, Psychology Today and Fast Company.

He has won numerous awards from prestigious organizations and publications including American Illustration, Applied Arts Magazine, The Society of Illustrators (New York), Studio Magazine, CAPIC, Print Regional Awards, Communication Arts Illustration Annual, and most recently, a Gold Medal from the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles and a Silver Medal from the Society of Illustrators (New York).

This event will also feature: The Finger Bangerz!

    The Finger Bangerz are a collective of eight DJ's: G-wrex, Ngobility, Golden Chyld, Replay, Square-One, Cutsoqwik, Rocky Rock and E-Jay. They were established as a group in 1998, but each have up to ten years of DJ experience. Just like any other DJ, they started mixing at house parties in their hometown of San Jose, CA. But individually, they found that they can do much more than just mix with the turntable.
        To many, the turntable is just a record player, but to these guys it is an instrument. The Finger Bangerz practice the art of DJing which is called Turntablism. This is the art of taking instruments and sounds from vinyl records, and turning them into your own musical composition. As turntablists, they have competed in numerous DJ competitions, both individually and as a team. They currently competed in Las Vegas, and came back victorious as the 2000 International Turntablists Federation's Team Western Hemisphere Champions!
        Besides playing their music in competitions, they're also constantly working on their projects in the studio. They currently have a breakbeat record out entitled "Five Finger Discount", produced by DJ Ngobility. It's a record designed as a DJ tool for DJ's and turntablists. They also have a couple of mixtapes out in stores, entitled "Cherry Bustin'," by DJ Ngobility and "Double Jointed," by DJ's Golden Chyld and Replay. On top of that, they are featured on several major compilations such as, "Deep Concentration 3" (OM Records), "Shiggar Fragger 2000," "Turntable by the Bay," and NC Clothing's "Hip Hop Heads Vol. 1-4." They are also working on a music album entitled, " Turnstrumental," containing nothing but turntable music. Look for that in 2001!
        The Finger Bangerz crew would like to thank Zebra Records, NC Clothing, Big Sherm's, The Supernatural Turntable Artists and everyone else who has supported them.

Artist Reception and Exhibition

12.07.00 A.D. 8pm 'til late at The Warehouse Studio of Two Fish Design Group
150 South Montgomery / Unit B, San Jose, CA  95110
(west end of Navlet's Florist >between San Fernando and Park) 
To view by appointment: 408.271.5151

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