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02.02.01 A.D.
Friday [8 'til late]

guest curator:
Ezra Li Eismont

From robotic banjos to lyrical paintings, 10 bay Area Artists explore the world where sound and art converge!

featuring the works of:
Jen Contreras-Danner
Rebecca Cotton
Ezra Li Eismont
Maya Hayuk
Michael McDermott
Kamau Patton
Tracy Rivers
Christopher A. Ruess
Jon Santos
Matt Volla

Live sound performances by:
Cat Five- remixing the remix
Lokat- pocket sized dj
Matt Volla- knot compositions on trumpet
Tracy Rivers- robotic banjo

Live stream courtesy of

    Sound is creation.  By saying something, by uttering a tone, we bring it into being.  The Navajos heal sick members of their tribe by singing songs.  In Hinduism, OM is the seed sound of the universe, from whence all has come into being.  All is sound, all is vibration, all is pattern.  Cymatics is the study of how sound directly affects matter.  Sound vibrations cause atoms and molecules to crystalize into patterns, therefore forming the physical universe through vibrational patterns.
    Sound can make us weep, sound can make us scream- sound has the power to transform our bodies, minds and souls.  Sound can awaken us or put us to sleep, it is a magical tool of creation.
    In organizing this exhibition I have chosen several local artists whose work and or process is influenced by sound.  This is reflected within their work, as their images evoke sounds or their sounds evoke images and feelings.  These are the syncopated beats of the city streets- the grunts and tweets and birds and beasts, the sounds that remind us that we are alive, being, creating.

Ezra Li Eismont, Anno Domini Guest Curator

"the music washes over and you're one with the sound"
-Beastie Boys


SOUNDSCAPES A.D. Limited Edition CD recording

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