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Ezra Li Eismont
Artist Reception and Performance 
First Thursday October
10.05.00 A.D. [8 'til late]


What do you get when you cross Walt Disney with
Dr. Faust?  Hieronimous Bosch with H.R.Geiger and the Simpson's? Buddhist Thangkas with M.C. Escher?
It could only be the art of Ezra Li Eismont!
  Deep and mystical yet light and humorous, Ezra Li's art draws from all these and more, alchemical graffiti with a tinge of sacred geometry. Working also with sound, Ezra leaves no stone unturned, creating a true multi media performance.
  Above all, Ezra's art is about place and time, and our inner connection to the creative force. Take all of human culture, place it in a blender, and you've got Ezra Li Eismont- Bricoleur, Magician and Mystical Warrior.
This is truly the B-Boy Bouillabaisse.
  Ezra Li will be creating original works in the gallery space, as well as hanging an encyclopedia of sacred objects he has created.

Catch the live performance of Cat Five at the opening, as we travel through space and time upon the wings of electronic and sampledelic music.

This performance will be webcast live at!


Legend has it that Ezra Li was born in the Black Mountains of North Carolina on a cold winters morning some time in the early 70's.  His father was the chinese mystical poet and martial arts expert Wong Li (otherwise known as Potter/designer Rostislav Eismont), and he was trained in the mystic art of Taoist calligraphy and other mystical sciences at a very young age.  His mother was a renegade circus clown turned Kabbalistic theologian, a reader of the sacred texts of nature who read fortunes with the traveling sideshow.  (She is currently living undercover as a poet in Honolulu, Hi)

Ezra grew up amidst the din of gypsy caravans and circus freaks, and he learned to love the bizarre and unusual, the magical art of the moment.   

He grew to trust in the power of the spirit and the messages of the stars.

It is said that Ezra Li was born with a brush in his hand, and that upon exiting the womb he began to immediately celebrate his entrance into this world by painting elaborate magical talismans upon the walls of the delivery room, all the while chanting OM MANI PADME HUM.  To this day Ezra Li continues to express his creative spirit through a myriad of art forms including painting and music.

Ezra's art has been seen in The Luggage Store gallery, 111 Minna Street gallery, the Taylor Fitzpatrick gallery, In Creative Unity gallery, the streets of Oakland, Brooklyn, Paris, Amsterdam, Prague, Los Angeles, Honolulu and San Francisco as well as numerous private collections worldwide.  He has worked in collaboration with a wide variety of artists including Doze Green, Jon 156, Phil Frost and a host of other talented artists too numerous to mention.  Recently Ezra Li was on crew as a mural painter in the S.F.M.O.M.A. for the Sol Lewitt exhibition.  He has appeared on television and radio in the United States and Canada, and in print in the Prague Post and Berkeley Voice as well as his own zine publication Fullcircle.

You can contact Ezra directly by e-mailing him @
Catch Ezra Li as D.J. Darkat every Tuesday and Sunday evening 8pm P.S.T. til late on


10.05.00 A.D. 8pm 'til late at The Warehouse Studio of Two Fish Design Group
150 South Montgomery / Unit B, San Jose, CA  95110
(west end of Navlet's Florist >between San Fernando and Park) 
To view by appointment: 408.271.5151

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