first friday august 08.02.02 A.D.

Rebecca Jane Cotton & Alfonso Kellenberger

Rebecca builds poems. The value of her objects rely on the integrity she lends the materials. The skillfully crafted and the carefully scavenged are composed with, juxtaposed against, and allowed to balance each other. Her forms, figurative, replicated, or abstracted constructions share an intuitive symbolic vocabulary.
  Alfonso  draws narratives, characters." I aim to record, with varied degrees of accuracy, my experience, a moment of myself. Sensed, perceived, remembered, fabricated, it's all the same to me. Who do I want to be now, then? How?"

These two artists were featured in last year's annual Namenlosen show to great accolades. We are proud to present this duo show of these two emerging artists.

featuring laptop mixology of sounds, songs and visuals by Cat Five

8 'til late   free admission

download the PDF announcement (980kb)

Anno Domini//the second coming of Art & Design
150 South Montgomery / Unit B, San Jose, CA  95110
(between San Fernando and Park) 
To view by appointment: 408.271.5151

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