first friday july 07.05.02 A.D.

sean boyles erik s. foster ryohei tanaka joe to

These Bay Area artists sketch, paint, and make intricate visuals out of mere paper cutouts. Each has his own distinct style whose time has come. We're proud to be showing them this month on our 2 year Anniversary. They're a great reminder why we opened the doors of Anno Domini back in July of 2000.

featuring: the finger bangerz with special guest djs.

8 'til late   free admission

I'm from the school of crab shack in the 38th division. Many folks have never heard of this school, pretty much impossible to get into and probably one of the crowning achievements in my life to have graduated at the top, with my following comrades, Ryohei Tanaka literally has lived in a closet for the past 6 years, Oakland ICON, mime, comedian, and dancer, Influenced by ultra violence, death, destruction, the movies, and the everyday Simple joys of life, like burnt toast, roses growing out of sidewalk cracks, and taking shits, Ryohei Tanaka is an underground Japanese filmmaker, but NO one I know ends up drawing more, filling more sketchbooks and covering more miles of sidewalk with chalk drawings, than this strange little man from Japan. Recently acquiring a new pair of sharp scissors, and thrown out markers, his output of papercut dolls And marker paintings, has gone through the roof, it's as if a factory in japan with Ryohei clones working on the assembly line are pumping these out. A true visionary, an artist for the people. His art will shoot you n the face and make you laugh out loud.

Joe To is fat. We live together and we were both skinny and we got fat together, once considered the best "drawer" amongst his peers, Mr. To got sucked into the seedy world of the dotcom and webpeople. Virtually disappeared from the world of fine art and illustration sucked into cyberspace, eyes glazed over and staring into a wall of monitors With it's eery glow outlining his body, barely audible mumbling to himself accented with Never ending coughs, surrounded by piles of video games systems, junkfood and comic books. It seems like a futile situation and all hope is lost. But let's not forget kings Don't go out like that ; witness the triumphant return of joe to.witness His sheer drawing talent, and run home and hate yourself, punch yourself, for not being able to draw like that, he will outdraw you in his sleep. Long live the king.

Sean Boyles The kids fucking love him, and the kids don't lie. He's the best 5th grade art school teacher in the bay, San Jose locals may have seen mr. Boyles and not know it. Mr Boyles can be found on any given day riding his bike around town, with his array of art tools and collection of exquisite mix tapes of the highest caliber playing on 11 on his shitty walkman, with his dark cop glasses. Why ? because he's riding at top speed, the music is good and the music is right, and the music is loud, and the wind is zipping past his ears and his eyes are closed. In a group of figurative artists sean always stood out of the crowd doing ridiculous off the wall abstract art. after being away from Mr. Boyles art for the past couple years, I've recently viewed his new wroks, which have exploded and evolved into an art monster influenced by his music and the retarded stylings of everyday life, his people's eyes and teeth will eat you alive.

the above p/review by artist
David Choe.

We met Erik Foster 2 years ago at one of our First Friday openings. Since then we've seen his paintings of street-meets-animé characters come to life on canvas, broken skateboards, bottles and wood. This is officially his first gallery show and we're proud it falls on A.D.'s two year anniversary.

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