Funhouse Cinema and The Oregon Dept of Kick Ass present:


Media artists Bill Daniel and Vanessa Renwick on tour with experimental and documentary films

Portland, Oregon based artists Vanessa Renwick and Bill Daniel are touring the western U.S. with a program of their experimental and documentary films and videos. Their 5-week, 22-show tour will take them from their base in Portland through ten states. Screening venues range from artists' warehouses and underground film collectives to a festival premier at the Taos Talking Picture Festival. Daniel will present "The Girl on the Train in the Moon", a hobo campfire/video installation that is a record of his investigation into the secret world of freight riding and hobo graffiti. Renwick will screena 70 min. program of her work including films about folkart, hitchhiking, and rodeos. Her work explores the possibility of poetry in contemporary society, sometimes providing a vicious, satirical commentary on that society.
    Daniel and Renwick are part of a growing network of DIY (Do It Yourselft) microcinemas and underground art venues that host uncensored film and video work in galleries, warehouses, converted churches and basements. Together, audiences and artists are creating new spaces for free expression. As control of the media continues to become monopolized by fewer and fewer larger media corporations, the notion of free speech becomes further eroded and marginalized. By actively creating and supporting independent screening spaces, media artists and curators are carving out a network of places for people to see and hear non-corporate-controlled ideas. This tour is made possible not by government or corporate funding, but by the accessibility afforded by this supportive network of venues.

Anno Domini is proud to host the South Bay stop of the tour.

"The Girl on the Train in the Moon" Bill Daniel's hobo campfire and video installation on the secret world of hobo graffiti.  Vanessa Renwick presents "Go, Baby, Go!" a powderkeg of short experiemental and documentary movies! Rodeos, Naked Bicycling, Inspirational Obsessivists, Creepy Peeping and Panting Poochies!  "State of the Union" by San Francisco's Bryan Boyce.

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One night only!
Friday May 10, 2002
Doors open 8pm - $6.00

Anno Domini//the second coming of Art & Design
150 South Montgomery / Unit B, San Jose, CA  95110
(between San Fernando and Park) 
To more info: 408.271.5151

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