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May 6–June 18, 2016



April 1–June 18, 2016

Permanently Improvised

Anno Domini presents...



Graffuturism exhibit

Opening Reception: May 6, 2016 from  7–11pm

Anno Domini Gallery will celebrate Graffuturism’s 6 Year Anniversary with an international exhibition opening First Friday May 6, 2016. Graffuturism has exhibited as a group over the past 6 years in cities such as Glasgow, London, Los Angeles, Paris, Miami and San Francisco. Graffuturism has chosen Anno Domini Gallery to hold an anniversary show bringing together an impressive group of International artists to exhibit. Poesia has curated a lineup of premier Urban/Graffiti Art artists who have been pivotal in the development of Graffuturism including members of the group as well as those closely associated with them. This exhibition casts a view that includes a wide range of aesthetics that exemplify the essence of this “Othercontemporary” movement known as Graffuturism, and also to explore where this movement is heading. 

About Graffuturism and the Artists

Graffiti/Urban Art has flourished and established itself in the contemporary art scene over the past decade, yet it remains a relatively new art form in the historical sense. In 2010 the Graffuturism blog set out to showcase the work of fellow Graffiti/Urban Artists who were underrepresented. There was a gap in how the media had been covering the art form: one side being about the new street art, and the other about traditional graffiti coverage. There was no middle ground or coverage of graffiti artists who had pushed forward to explore progressive hybrid directions, or about the newer street artists who worked more like graffiti artists.

This is where Graffuturism started and established itself as an alternative to what was taking place in the Graffiti/Urban Art media. Expectantly the blog would strike a chord with fellow artists from around the world, and would go on to establish one of the most organized international group of artists within the larger Graffiti/Urban Art scene. Graffuturism is composed of an emerging progressive global art form that in its natural environment on urban streets around the world has far surpassed any recent contemporary art form. While other art movements or groupings may have taken place due to common theory, ideas, schools, or location, Graffuturism has utilized social media and the Internet to connect and assemble through a common interest in this new progressive Graffiti/Urban Art.

What started out as a blog has now become something larger. The term might imply a movement by utilizing the ism in its name, and also reference Futurism within its title, but it had no intention of either being an art movement in the modernist sense of the word nor is it based on futurist principles. This doesn’t mean that Graffuturism does not share certain characteristics of an art movement or deny the fact that some of the artists reference futurism aesthetically in their work. Graffuturism is just another word. The real power of our art form is in our actions as artists collectively.

We don’t set out to define where we stand in today’s lexicon of art terms, instead we offer proof of our existence with our work. Our art form was born out of the need to express ourselves through art and aesthetics in the urban streets. With this grouping of artists for this Exhibition we set out to showcase a group of artists that have been part of Graffuturism over the past 6 years in some form, and bring together a wide range of aesthetics that exemplify the essence of this Othercontemporary movement Graffuturism, and also to explore where this movement is heading. 

Through Graffuturism we have found a base to have this conversation amongst each other as International Peers. We move forward with or without the acceptance of academia, engaging the world the only way we know how – through our work in the streets and in the studio. The latter engages an older system of art with a structure much different than the art we create on the streets for the public and ourselves. Without the context of our street work, our studio work would seem impure, dishonest, out of place and out of context.

Opening Reception: May 6, 2016 from  7–11pm
Exhibition Dates:
May 6–June 18, 2016

Anno Domini presents...

Permanently Improvised
by Various & Gould (Berlin, Germany)


Opening Reception: Friday, April 1, 2016 from  7–11pm

Dada turns 100 - long live the nonsense! Infected with these high-spirits, Berlin based artist duo Various & Gould has locked itself in the laboratory for several months creating new, surreal artworks for their first solo exhibition, "Permanently Improvised” at ANNO DOMINI Gallery in San Jose.

By merging methods such as painting, serigraphy and collage in their unique way, Various & Gould keep on extending the series "Rabotniki" (Russian for "workers"). In those pieces they raise the curtain on some kind of dream logic. A regiment of multicolored patchwork characters tumbles on stage from another space-time continuum. Surrounded by mysterious, partly disturbing sceneries, these carnies, utopians and adventurists make their way with the unflinching confidence of a modern Munchausen.

Various (born near San Jose but grew up in the divided Berlin) and her partner Gould both address personal experiences of closeness, distance and deracination, but also reference the current refugee situation in Europe. For the first time, the two artists have portrayed people from their personal sphere of family and friends. The results are poetic, sometimes intimate works that blur the line between reality and fiction.

The exhibition also includes a selection of canvas pieces, reminding us of popular jumpingjack cut-outs covered with individual body parts and objects. This juxtaposition of loose elements and final collages provides an insight into the duos‘ intuitive working process.

Suitably, the title "Permanently Improvised" is a tribute to the DIY culture, and a reference to everlasting workarounds, precarious existences and a fundamental attitude towards life.

The exhibition is rounded off by the performance video "Zu Gast Arbeit" ("Guest Work", Istanbul 2012) as well as the hot-off-the-press limited screen-print edition "Sabotage" (2016).

About the artists:
Berlin based artist duo Various & Gould have worked in close collaboration since 2005. The artists often deal with socially prominent themes such as work, migration, gender, death,religion or the financial crisis in a playful, intuitive manner. Vivid colors combined with typography and encrypted messages are the characteristics of their work. 

Various & Gould are known for constantly reinventing themselves. Their creation is based on the simple but striking formula: 1+1=3. Interests such as the love for paper, the enthusiasm for accidental beauty in everyday life and especially the artistic work in public spaces form the basis for their teamwork. Screen-prints and collages are their great passion.

Various & Gould's work has been part of numerous solo and group exhibitions in Germany, France, Switzerland, Hungary, Great Britain, Austria, Turkey and the United States.

Exhibition Dates: April 1–June 18, 2016


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