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DUAL DUEL” an international exhibition of collaborative works

Opening Reception: First Friday, May 3, 7–11pm
Special performances by Cellista x Lucidbeaming

Dual Duel exhibition

The dualistic nature of being is something we are born into. From the moment we are delivered in to this material world we struggle to see ourselves as anything but separate from all that we perceive. So if conflict is inherent in the act of comparison, how does one look out at the world and find harmony? Is it even necessary? It’s something our artists, philosophers, authors and poets have contemplated through the ages. 

DUAL DUEL is an amazing group show of over 20 artists that were asked to pick an artist of their choosing to collaborate (or combat) with on a work of art. Some artists chose someone dear to them, while others chose an artist they always admired but had never met. And in some cases, the lead artist worked with someone they respect, but never seem to agree with. The exhibit is a palpable swirl of creative forces emitting the true nature of harmony and opposing forces. 

Participating artists: Ken Davis x Ellen Murphy (US), Thomas Ives x Alejandro Mono González (Chile), Leon Ka x Socatoba (Spain), Klone x Assi Meshullam (Israel), Denis Korkh x Zero Cents (US / Israel), Travis Lawrence x Drew Roulette (US), Joseph Loughborough x Mark McClure (UK), Jeremiah Maddock x Marty Anderson (US), ManOne x Victor Sepulveda (US), Pablo Martîn x Florencia Fernandez Frank (Argentina), Yasushi Matsui x Kelly Tunstall (US), Poesia x Sam Rodriguez (US), Jhovany Rodriguez x Dario Cruz (US), Satterugly x Play is Soul Food (Mexico), William Schaff x Mike Egan (US), Kevin Earl Taylor x Gianluca Franzese (US), Jessie Rose Vala x Kelie Bowman (US), Jake Watling x Mahtab Watling (US), Derek Weisberg x Shaun Roberts (US), Ian Wilkinson x Dale vN Marshall (UK), Yoshi47 x Ferris Plock (Japan / US), Zero Cents x Qingru Hu (Israel / China), and Zezao x Zeh Palito (Brazil)

Opening reception: First Friday March 3rd, 7–11pm
Special performances by Cellista x Lucidbeaming
Exhibition dates: Mary 3–June 15, 2019


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