Anno Domini // the second coming of Art & Design

Published March 28, 2002 issue of Metro,
Silicon Valley's Weekly Newspaper.

Blank Slates

By Public Eye

Russian camera cultists are taking over the San Jose Redevelopment Agency's ubiquitous blue walls. San Jose artists CHERRI LAKEY and BRIAN EDER are dedicated members of the cult of Lomo, the small, cheap Russian camera. The plan they cooked up was to give the cameras to a few dozen local kids, turn them loose to shoot their lives, mount the prints on plywood boards and put them up on the many blank walls surrounding construction sites in downtown San Jose. Last week, Lakey and Eder installed the first collages at First and San Carlos streets. "We want to enliven San Jose," Lakey says. Lakey and Eder, who own Two Fish Design and run Anno Domini Gallery, are the brains behind Shark Byte Art. The photos represent the work of 50 local kids from age 4 to 20. The resulting images feature pets, cops, skateboarders, school buses and other ordinary yet profound images of ... well, whatever.

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