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The Wind Whips the Palm Fronds
Megan Diddie


Megan Diddie

Breathing up from the ocean
To touch the tree covered mountains
To rain on the forest floors
The Fog blanketed our vision…

Now see a car, a pelican flapping by the windshield
Now see the bramble wrap around the leg
Now a thousand legs pounding out paths
Now the forms recoil, the surf slaps the rock

Phrases meshing images of plants
into half useful shapes:
A basket walled on three sides,
A shawl fraying violently at the end, becoming two
In air, Bougainvillea vines behind
A curtain of chimes, pushed by wind
Clanging against their wills

Images held, Images remembered
Now see Flowers in the phone
Winding through the Fog hung coastal range
Now trammelling ahead in Flatness
At rest.

~poem by Tim Hogan

Megan Diddie returns to Anno Domini for her second solo exhibition featuring a new series of works. Having grown up in California but now living in the midwest, Diddie's perception of the California landscape has changed. What was once familiar is now peculiar as distance, memory and comparisons to new environments change her perspective of her home state.

Opening Reception: Friday, November 1, 2013 from 7–11pm RSVP
Exhibition dates:
September 6–October 19, 2013

Gallery hours:
Tuesday-Friday Noon-7 p.m.,
Saturdays Noon-5 p.m.
additional hours by appointment

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