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Urban Heart by Luara Brink – April 1-28, 2005

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Laura Brink
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Born in Vancouver, BC, 1973, Laura took her first art class when she was six in Florence, Italy. Her father's work as an Art Historian allowed her family to live outside of Florence for five years. There, she was enrolled in the Martinot Art School where she studied traditional methods of painting and sculpture, perspective and anatomy. Four out of those five years Laura was home-schooled by her mother who emphasized illustration, poetry and creative writing. During this time also, Laura recounts visiting just about every museum and church throughout Italy countless times with her father and his students. Laura believes that those years living and participating on a farm allowed her to build a confidence in her abilities and a crucial exploration into her imagination. "Art became a way of communication and for expression at a young age."

Laura spent her teenage years in Vancouver still drawing and painting but just on her own time. She looked at high school as a place where not much fun was to be had and felt it difficult at times relating to the social norm of her peers, hence having a period of rebellious confusion. It wasn't until she was 20 that Laura was anxious for more formal art education. From 1994-1998 she attended the Ringling School of Art and Design in Sarasota, FL where she earned a BFA in illustration.

After college Laura nurtured her determined, free-spirited nature, spending three years wandering the country working as a freelance illustrator and designer searching for a place that felt like home. In 2001 Laura landed in Santa Fe, NM where she feels very creatively inspired and is also reminded of how visual beauty stimulates her soul. Here she continues to pursue her career as an artist and to express her truth through her work.

Urban Heart reception

Love, excitement, curiosity, sadness, passion, melancholy, angst, fear, bliss, anger, joy, compassion, strength, weakness, tenderness and determination are some of the words we use to express what it is to be alive. I use oil- based paints on stretched canvas to present my explorations into the world of human emotions and interpret them in narrative, subject-based scenarios. I use the human figure as the predominate subject and create exaggerated, theatrical, semi-fantastic environments around them.

I use the existing reality of my models along with objects taken from my everyday surroundings and combine these with mythological icons and symbolism from various cultures to create compositions and attitudes to express myself.

I use these literal forms of expression balanced with the innocence of the purely emotional based expression of color. Through my exploration of color I seek to invoke the mood that precedes the idea for each particular painting.

I use the painting process to learn more about myself and to fully experience and understand my emotions by translating them into visual interpretations. I am attempting to provide the viewer a sense of openness and attention, a direct experience, void of theory and ultimately an inspired understanding and relation to self.

~ Laura Brink, 2005

Laura Brink

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