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We Are Savages
Solo exhibition of new work by sign painter Ken Davis


Ken Davis
"What We Do Is Secret" by Ken Davis, 1shot enamel, gold leaf on acid etched glass

Through his foundation in traditional hand-lettering and reverse glass gilding techniques, Ken Davis creates a full new thematic body of work for “We are Savages” his first solo exhibition for Anno Domini. Ken draws from his life experiences in the creative subcultures of skateboarding, punk rock, folk, and hip hop as well as his upbringing in a family rooted in the 60’s counter culture to create work that is influenced by authority-questioning and DIY ethics he was raised in. The title “We are Savages,” like several of Ken’s slogan type phrases used, can be interpreted several ways and most all could be correct. He believes that modern craftspeople and dream chasers; the ones that eat, sleep and breathe their convictions and crafts without much desire for monetary gain or social status are viewed (often with intrigue) in the current dominant culture of shortcuts, greed, and instant experts as “Savages.” 

Through both fast-reading slogan style sign making and laborious reverse glass gold leaf mirroring and painting, Ken celebrates the cultures of craft through his work and reflects his love and genuine admiration for anyone and everyone that has the motivation and desire to pursue what they love for a living without concern for conventional benchmarks of success. “When it’s time, it’ll come” and “The Universe does not forsake anyone who is creating with positive intent” are two quotes that have carried Ken through often turbulent times of being a professional artist and craftsperson. The body of work on top of celebrating the Savages of the past, present, and future also cautions his peers to read the fine print in dealing treaties with more mainstream groups. He urges them to keep a watchful eye on the intents of some of the outside influences that hope to identify in part with the growing surge in enthusiasm towards creative culture.  

Ken Davis (b. 1982) is a native son of the San Francisco Bay Area and has been immersed in the life of sign painter and commercial artist. His education comes about from his grandfather who was a professor of archaeology specializing in the Native American experience and those who were kind enough to share their experiences and knowledge.  His work is frequently seen in both brick and mortar shops as well as private collections throughout the world.  He lives a slightly nomadic life between the East Bay Area and anywhere he is sent to travel to work on projects.  

Artist's Reception: Friday, August 7th from 7–11pm RSVP
Exhibition: August 7–October 3, 2015

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