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This Snow Rising
Faring Purth


Faring Purth moves from the open air canvas of the streets to gallery exhibition at Anno Domini for her debut solo show. The inner strength that Faring draws upon in a a life full of unimaginable challenges permeate through layers of meaning in her loose figurative visual imagery. The initial reaction upon viewing Purth's paintings may be to think it  grotesque in nature but that feeling quickly washes away as the beauty and dignity of these subjects surface when looking into their soulful eyes. 

"Perhaps the simplest thing I can say about my work and this ongoing process is it helps me grapple with questions of human complexity and saturated worth. It is my means, first and for most, so it begins there. 
I had a hard upbringing, an aggressive youth, and I spent years caring for the dying as an adult. All of this has shaped the realization I now perpetually knead through as an artist; the belief that there are pronounced, profound, currents running through us...and along side us. Veins I can see most clearly when I'm working with what I believe are the magnetic reflections of human strength, delicacy, beauty, and filth. My work is the pulp, so to speak, of a physical and contemplative mantra. One that is continuously developing and evolving. 

I often catch myself, at the completion of a piece, staring at a moment of transition. A story at the point of turning. I find inspiration from my life, those close to me, the discarded writing or photographs I've been collecting for years, organic decay, and the intensity that develops from layered human emotion. I'm often drawn to dismantled material, found surfaces, and neglected structures in an attempt to become part of a literal rebirth and to revitalize public space into a portrayal of this intrinsic strength and dense beauty.

I do not wish to take responsibility for the endless interpretations of my work or have these words used as a translation. I couldn’t speak to that. But rather believe there is strength in the path and development of meaning. That art and imagery can exist beyond logic. It is simply my hope to share my means of reflection, to pull these inspirations through me...and bring them to eye level."

~Faring Purth

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Artist's Reception: Friday, August 3, 2012 from 7–11pm RSVP
Music: tba
Exhibition on view: August 3–September 15, 2012

Opening Reception is part of the South FIRST FRIDAYS monthly art walk, August 3, 2012. View the full schedule of exhibitions at participating venues:

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