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Desideratum featuring Keith Bormuth & Erik Marinovich

two conscious minds excavate unconscious banter on the gallery walls

Desideratum is defined as 'something considered necessary or highly desireable." The conceptual basis of the exhibit is the reflection of a desireable truth.

The new work of Bormuth aesthetically lends itself to a cross between Arte Povera and neo-rennaisance painting while the work of Marinovich grabs ahold of a more contemporary visual dialogue with his own intrinsic manipulation.

Bormuth has constructed a paradigm of motherhood by representing the mother as object rather than subject as he searches for realism within motherhood in art historical and societal roles.

Marinovich seeks to represent his desire to know a past loved one: as he has never known his Grandmother, Marinovich creates a world of actions and reactions to thoughts and emotions that never happened but exist within his memory of his Grandmother.

Both artists create the dialogue for the observer without answering, leaving the viewer to determine its acceptance. The unity within the dualism of desire between the artists' work delicately balances and compliments one another.

Desideratum opening reception

Erik and Keith preparing Desideratum signage

Marinovich is a graduate of Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo in art and design. Bormuth attends Art Center College of Design, and has recently won a national distinguished scholarship from the Society of Illustrators, which will be featured in their gallery in May in New York.

Marinovich and Bormuth have shown work together previously and both are beginning to gain notice within the community of art.

Anno Domini presents

featuring new works by
Keith Bormuth & Erik Marinovich

Artist's Reception: Friday May 7, 2004
8pm 'til late –> free admision
featuring existential grooves by ennui

exhibit: May 7 - 27
hours: M-Th Noon - 5 p.m.
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Desideratum opening

Keith Bormuth installing

"Motherhood has played a major role in the history of art, namely within religious works depicting the Virgin Mary. My work attempts to discover and use unconscious motives of depicting motherhood in art and exemplify how the unconscious is always present in representation."
~ Keith Bormuth

Erik Marinovich during install

"In exploring who I am,I must understand where I come from– who I come from.This series is that exploration; it is a visual representation of stories about my Croatian grandmother, passed down to me from my father. In order to illustrate this, I studied photos of her, borrowing my father’s memories as if they were my own. I became intrigued and consumed by her face, strength, and genuine manner. The more I studied, the more I realized about myself. This work became a recreation of her, as I know her now, not as she was then."
~ Erik Marinovich

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