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At the end of the typical work day... after the institutions and 9-5 businesses have locked the doors and gone home for the evening, a whole new structure appears in the social grid; Night Culture opens for business. It is often in these alternative forums that many first encounter deviant manifestations of art & technology which later begin to surface in the galleries and museums as today's embraced art forms.

TUESDAY, August 8, 2006

ZeroOne Opening Night Gallery Crawl

"Boris and Bianca" - an interactive fairytale by Brad Isdrab
experimental interactive nonlinnear stopmotion
Anno Domini
8 p.m. 'til late
special performance by Zoe Keating

WEDNESDAY, August 9, 2006

Anno Domini presents...
an evening of Sound Art
featuring Matt Davignon, Rick Walker, special guest
doors open 9 pm, performance begins at 10 pm
admission: $8 general, $5 students

Matt Davignon has developed a unique form of improvisation over the last 10 years, focusing on textures, arrhythmic patterns and musical imperfections. Combining acoustic and electronic elements, he attempts to create dynamic, biological music from seemingly limited source material. Since 2003, he has been working with drum machine as a primary instrument, processing the sounds with several devices to create a unique sound palette. On some occasions he can be seen playing turntable, prepared guitar, cassette tape recorders, looping devices or an assortment of household objects and toy instruments. Matt has organized events such as the San Francisco Found Objects Festival and Sound/Shift Oakland.

Rick Walker’s Loop.pooL is a fascinating and creative one man journey through the world of sound and rhythm. Using digital live looping technology and a lot of audience interactive participation, Rick is able to play a completely different set of instruments on every single song in this early twenty first century version of a “one person’s band”. He uses these ‘loopers’ to record a huge palette of sound, drawing from found and invented instruments, world percussion, wind instruments, keyboards, string instruments and a fascinating repertoire of unusual and exotic vocal techniques (overtone singing, warble singing, trill singing, guttural singing, hum-whistling, mouth percussion and effects, yodeling and pygmy bottle blowing/falsetto singing). He also incorporates state of the art digital processing and production techniques, using analog filters, vocoders, digital delays and modulators to add a more timeless patina to his performances.

Rick has toured in 13 countries in Europe, North America and Asia as a headlining artist in the past 3 years and also produces the world's largest live looping festival: this year's Y2K6 International Live Looping Festival will bring 50 artists from 9 countries to Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area.

WEDNESDAY, August 9, 2006

SoFA Lounge presents...
an evening of Sound Art
featuring Drum-Fi interactive sound installation, and special guests
view for complete lineup and schedule
doors open 9pm, performances begin at 10pm
Admission: $8, 21 and over

Drum-Fi -- A wireless laptop driven interactive sound installation. Using the California urban drum circle as the musical and social networking model. You are invited to bring your wifi - enabled laptop, enter the scene,download the software, connect to the network, be the performer and audience, and make 'beautiful' music together. Come and engage in a large dynamic musical exchange and see/hear what happens. So bring your wifi laptops and charge your batteries!

The Drum-Fi group is: Steve Durie, John Bruneau, Chris Head, Michael Araya, Rita Hunjun, Veronica Ramirez, Rob Riddle

Catfive has been producing their own brand of sonic mayhem for the last 6 years, combining sounds and images of the world in which they exist into a semi-critical, semi-humorous reflection of popular culture. Through the use of laptops, turntables, television and radio, Catfive seeks to reinterpret the mainstream media, and break it down into digestible chunks, danceable beats, and give something back to the community. Without the help of a major or minor record label, Catfive have released several Vinyl Records, Compact discs, and has created a small name for themselves in the Hip Hop Electronic music scene of the Bay area. For more information, please visit

THURSDAY, August 10, 2006

Anno Domini presents...
an evening of Sound Art
feauturing YOUR DRUGS MY MONEY and special guest - tba
doors open 9 pm, performance begins at 10 pm
admission: $8 general, $5 students

YOUR DRUGS MY MONEY is a collective of experimental artists and musicians from Los Angeles. They embrace the utilization of unconventional instruments and eerie undertones, that you could describe as an ambient durge. This has lead them to journey out of Los Angeles now for the second time to collaborate with other avant garde artists such as ARGUMENTEX and MATTRESS. YOUR DRUGS MY MONEY is all about exploring new dimensions in the field of sound. The echo's will stretch, and your idea of what music is will be questioned.

SATURDAY, August 12, 2006

Anno Domini in partnership with Montalvo Art Center presents...
a taste of the Bleeding Edge Festival,
outdoor stage beneath the murals at Anno Domini
366 South First Street
free and open to the public

Gallery hours: Tues-Sat Noon-8 p.m.
additional hours by appointment

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